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With a Broken Wing (The Butterflies Series)

Rating: 4 out of 5

"I would love to make you, sunshine, but I don't think you understand what I'd do to a woman with an attitude like yours. It'd be the ride of your life, and I'm not so sure you'd survive it."

Demetri Carlisle was powerful, strict and intimidating. He was everything Andy wasn't, and being stuck with him for the summer put her in his direct control. The chance to work for her best friend's brother in law was supposed to be a good opportunity for Andy to travel. However when choices she made in the past loom over her, Andy is forced to choose between keeping a secret she never wanted to share and the man she can't stay away from. He calls her Sunshine, but if he only knew... Andy was too young and innocent, so why did Demetri hire her? Because behind the mask of bright colors and a brilliant smile, Andy was a woman with a secret, one he intended to uncover when he saw her cry. One thing was for sure, Demetri wanted to protect and cherish her as badly as he wanted to see her fall apart... She weakened his judgment and weak men fall.

I was intrigued by the summary of this book because I wasn't sure where it was going to go at first. I will say the book covers some heavy topics so please check the trigger warnings before reading. Andy is suffering with some mental health issues brought on by a terrible childhood. She doesn't necessarily have the best coping mechanisms, which also come back to bite her in the story, but she has a supportive brother and friend network who don't allow her to disappear. I actually thought Meg Becker did an amazing job of handling mental health issues and managed to make her character believable and relatable.

I liked that side of the story but I craved the romance narrative between Demetri and Andy. I didn't know how bad I needed the story until I got it. Demetri is the perfect level of overprotective, controlling, grumpy sweetheart you could want. And he is quick to see through Andy's mask, even if he doesn't know what he is missing. The two had some intense tension between them and the banter they had really made even the non-steamy moments an engaging read. I honestly couldn't get enough of these two or this book.

I didn't realize this was a second book when I first read it but lucky for me it can be read as a standalone, although it did make me want to read the first one. Mainly so I could learn about the relationship with William and Jules because they seem like super cute characters. Mostly though I want like a million more stories about Andy and Demetri. The book is quick and engaging and also able to address intense topics with a kind heart.

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