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Wish You Were Here

Rating: 10 out of 10 (haha)

Jodi Picoult has a knack for transporting the reader into the world of her story and Wish You Were Here does not disappoint. It has a captivating story, characters who are easy to connect with, a basis in current events, a plot twist nobody saw coming and then an ending that leaves you wondering. It is a book that will stick with you for some time after reading. You will find yourself amazed at the masterful way Jodi Picoult utilizes her plot twist and how it changes EVERYTHING.

The novel is set in the months immediately following the outbreak of COVID-19. The novel tells the story of Diana, an art specialist, and her boyfriend Finn, a surgical resident in New York. The two are preparing to go on a trip to the Galápagos, where Diana has a firm conviction that Finn will propose. However, with the outbreak of COVID Finn is needed in the hospital. Thinking the outbreak won't last long Diana is persuaded to go to the Galápagos alone. Diana undergoes a number of experiences during her time which cause her to re-evaluate herself and her relationship with Finn. She develops meaningful relationships with Gabriel and his daughter Beatriz, each of which help her to learn more about herself. What will happen when the island opens back up and she can return home? How has her time on the island changed her?

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