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When Universes Bleed

Rating 4 out of 5

"Maybe you needed to become a little evil to vanquish evil."

Teenage orphan Amaya wants to fit in but whenever danger rears its head, something extraordinary happens- her mind melds with her surroundings and she is able to avoid trouble. After years of trying to prove the parents she never knew didn't abandon her, she stumbles upon a clue. A clue which requires her to run away, with her best friend, from the orphanage so she can investigate it. On her journey she soon finds herself hunted by an unknown assassin with access to otherworldly technology. Amaya soon has a band of misfits who are assisting her on the journey to uncover what the assassin wants with her and in the process they uncover a number of secrets that could change the fate of the world.

This book had no business being this interesting, like for real. I was drawn in from the beginning and found myself annoyed with having to put it down. It really has all the things that make for a great story: a great and important quest, loyal friends with abilities that are useful in some way, a villain, an even bigger villain, and oh yeah mythology. The book utilizes mythology in a looser manner to meld Greek and Hindu mythology and it is an interesting take.

I really enjoyed this book because it had a strong female character, a group of friends with their own strengths that were important, and it really showcased the importance of friendship. The mythology aspect was more of a background story that I wish had been examined a little more but it still made for an interesting story. The book concludes with some unanswered questions that make me wonder if more lies in store for this father daughter author team.

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