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We're All Lying

Rating: 3 Stars

Someone is hunting Cass. Cass lives an enviable life: a successful career, two great kids, and a handsome husband. Then an email from her husband's mistress, Emma, brings the facade of perfection crumbling around her, setting off a chain of events where buried secrets come back to haunt her. A taunting email turns into stalking that escalates into much worse. Ethan and Cass try to move on, then Emma disappears. No longer considered a victim, Cass finds herself the prime suspect and center of the investigation. Her dark secrets-including ones she didn't know existed-threaten to destroy everything they've worked for.

Most of this book was reflecting on events that had taken place which led to the start of the book. So we know as soon as the book begins that Emma is missing and then we have a weird switch to the past without much explanation. We get Cass's, Ethan's and Alice's POVs and I have to say, it makes it pretty obvious within like the first 5 chapters who is responsible for things. I was honestly a little disappointed in this read because I felt like the author didn't even try to make the person responsible a mystery.

A lot of the story felt kind of forced. Like I had a deep dislike of Cass most of the time, because it's clear she doesn't really want Ethan, but she also doesn't want Emma to have him. Ethan was impossible to like, I mean he was just terrible all around. He was so stereotypical that it became annoying. I was just ready for this book to end about halfway through. Even the big surprise reveals, weren't that shocking, and honestly felt kind of rushed through so that it became confusing to know who was aware and who wasn't. I also felt that the ending was rushed and tied up too neatly.

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