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Rating 5 out of 5

"I'll give you the whole fucking world if you want it."
"I would burn the world down for her."

Elizabeth's father, James, is a rather well known defense lawyer and his best friend is one of the most well known crime bosses in the city. Vincenzo recently just finished a 5 year prison sentence, where James learned there were things his friend was keeping from him. Little does he know Vincenzo is about to have a whole new secret to keep. Elizabeth has returned home from college for the summer, and as punishment for a previous infraction, her father makes her work in his office. At the suggestion of her mother she also splits this time working for Vincenzo as a house keeper basically. Elizabeth has always had a crush on her father's friend, given the new proximity it now has the chance to blossom into something more.

Okay so this book started off with a great opening that really set the tone for the whole book. Elizabeth is the perfect character, but she rather pales in comparison to the god that is Vincenzo. The chemistry between these two is undeniable and works perfectly. The two have believable and sometimes relatable relationship issues, which I think is an added bonus to connecting with the story. The book utilizes a dual POV to tell the story from both Elizabeth and Vincenzo's perspectives and I think it is balanced well between the two; you really know how each feels about major events that take place. Vincenzo's protective personality really comes into play with the professor. (IF YOU KNOW)

So this was officially my first mafia romance and I want and need more. The book has an amazing balance of spicy and story. Often it's easy for the spicy to overtake the story but that is not the case here! The two compliment each other so well! I was left wanting more of everything. I really need the second book to be published like now. Have no fear though the book ends on a note that you can feel satisfied, no massive mindblowing cliffhanger--a fact that I am a huge proponent of given my disdain for cliffhangers! Basically my recommendation is add this to your list today.

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