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The Syren's Mutiny

Rating: 3 out of 5

"I was the one to be feared now. I was the threat."
"But something about her drew me in like a moth to a flame, and I was curious to see what getting burned would feel like."

Brigid knew about men's superstitions about women on ships but when her father tried to marry her off, she had no choice but to stowaway on a ship. When she's discovered and discarded, her fate seems sealed... until she's saved by the ocean and its queen. Transformed into a syren and given new life, Brigid has the power to seek revenge on those who wronged her. Caelum has spent his entire life trying to help those who couldn't help themselves. After years suffering the cruelty of his pirate father, saving others from a similar fate was ingrained in him. When he's unable to save a young girl from being thrown overboard for hiding away, he's devastated. Until one day, when he's thrown into the water by unseen forces, he comes face to face with the past, and maybe, his future. But there is darkness lurking on the seas they both call home. Caelum and Brigid have no idea how intertwined their stories really are.

I loved that this book had a dual POV so that you could know what each character was experiencing and thinking. With the way the summary was written I expected to get the story of events that led to Brigid and Caelum first meeting and then a time jump. However, the author begins with Brigid as a syren and fills in the blanks along the way. The story was well written and fun, but I just wanted a little more. I needed more smut for a pirate romance haha. I also needed more action. Like the last 5 percent of the book is full of action and fast paced and I wish it had all been that way.

However, the book was good. It was a great slow burn, mythological story. Taylor has created a found family narrative that is easy to get caught up in. She has created strong female characters. I mean literally these women can rip you to shreds if they want! What's not to love about that. She creates an entire world with danger and romance. Brigid and Caelum are clearly meant to be and the build up to get to that point didn't take near as long as I expected, though the constant back and forth of Caelum was frustrating! And the plot twist at the end.... worth it.... that cliffhanger though... I cannot wait for book two because I just feel like it is going to be amazing.

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