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The Mom Group

Rating 5 out of 5

"Have I caused some mental and emotional anguish? Definitely. Could I have destroyed families? Maybe so. Essentially, I used my own suffering as an excuse to create the same outward chaos that I felt internally. "

Erika Thompson is a lonely housewife. With her kids off at college and her husband constantly working, she spends much of her time reading, hanging out with her dog, and trying to figure out her next steps. An invitation to a local mom group will change everything. After numerous attempts to fit in and make new friends, Erika is shunned. Her sorrow quickly turns to anger, and she retaliates against the moms who've done her wrong. Things don't go as planned for Erika and she's in for some surprises of her own. With relationships tested and secrets revealed, can she face the stakes and become who she needs to be?

Erika has few friends unless you count Amy her childhood friend. Her marriage isn't doing well and she isn't quiet sure why. She just knows her husband Levi has been acting suspicious lately. Her mom and her sister aren't the best and their relationship leaves much to be desired. The only thing Erika has are her children, and they are grown and off at college. The mom group seems like the perfect solution... Except they are a very tight clique and she just doesn't seem to fit in.

This book was everything I didn't know I needed! I instantly fell in love with the author's writing style and became immersed in the story. Erika quickly became a very relatable character! I was sold on this book from the first paragraph and my love just grew. Erika reacts to the catty behavior of these women by getting even. She creates a fake profile on the mom group and uses it to discover some secrets to use against them! I mean Allison kinda had it coming if you ask me... But that's not all this book is. It's a book about a woman trying to find her place in life now that she isn't just a mom.

She wants friends because she feels lonely in her marriage and unfulfilled in her life at the moment. Jones provides us with a moving story of love, friendship and finding oneself. Erika makes a friend Liz but quickly starts to wonder if she can trust her. She begins to find her confidence and stand up for herself. Erika voices her concerns about her marriage and confronts a reality she wasn't quite expecting. Yet, Erika comes out the other side a stronger and better person. This is a book that will have you dying to know what happens next. So go read it! Seriously.

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