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The Kingdom of Chaos: Becoming Fae

Rating: 3/5

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“I was not going to be paraded around like some male’s property.”

Evie has just turned 21 and wonders what if any powers she will have acquired as a Fae. The only problem? She’s been “kidnapped” by Duke Declan who turns out to have a wealth of secrets. Declan claims that Evie is the heir to the Lost Kingdom and that he is seeking to help her, but Evie’s intuition soon leads her to discover Declan isn’t all that he appears to be.

Evie finds herself constantly confronted with more mystery and questions about who she is and what her powers are. Those meant to help leave her with more questions. Will she ever learn who and what she truly is? With a mysterious voice on the wind guiding her will Evie be able to uncover the truth about herself before Declan captures her? Can she trust the voice? Will she ever find answers to who she is?

This book is the first in J.J. Smeck’s Kingdom of Chaos series. Smeck does a fantastic job of building the world that the story will take place in. The book even starts off with a bang with our FMC kidnapped and help prisoner, with a start like that it’s hard not to see she is going to be someone important to the Fae world. Smeck's work starts out a little slow but unlike Duke Declan it does not leave you wanting and unsatisfied. It's a good thing the second one is now available because Becoming Fae left me wanting to know what happens next with Evie and her friends. The novel is a little slower than I would have liked normally but I am ready for book number two for sure. The characters are so well written that it is hard not to want more of this story.

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