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The Glow

Rating 3 out of 5

When Lily loses her job, she loses the only thing that kept her from going in search of her estranged sister. A sister who she suspects has joined a cult known as The Glow. The group has adopted this name from their bioluminescent plastic island. In a future that is rife with plastic pollution The Glow has no shortage of material to keep their island growing. Rumors have it that they draw power from an asteroid, but anyone who has ever gone looking for answers disappears. Will Lily make it to the island and find her sister? Will she make it back out alive? Will her sister come with her?

The Glow is a very short and quick read coming in at around 100 pages and the story just jumps right in without much background. I have to admit that I spent a good deal of time confused about what was happening in this one. I give it three stars because it is well written and manages to tell a story in 100 pages. I don't read much SciFi to be honest so maybe that is why this one was so confusing for me. Lily seems like a character with a lot of issues that need to be worked through, who it turns out is going in search of her half-sister, who she hasn't really been that kind to before she disappeared.

Despite warnings Lily goes to the island of the Glowfolk and soon encounters a lot more than she bargained for. The events that happen are pretty quick, due to the length of the book, and the final resolution was not something I saw coming. I really thought things were going to go a bit differently. The last page of the book still has me slightly confused about what exactly happened, which I think is an interesting way to end a novel. Basically if you like SciFi and want a short quick read, give this one a try.

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