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Sweet Sin (Monsters and Muses, 0.5)

Rating: 3 out of 5

"I'm going to ruin her, and the consequences will never even faze me."

My obsession tastes like pomegranates. I'm not supposed to know that. Her skin is soft. Supple. I'm not supposed to know that, either. Now that I've plucked the delicate little flower, there's no way I can ever forget. None of my other sins ever tasted so sweet.

I am a sucker for a Hades/Persephone retelling of any kind. The fact this was also a mafia romance was just a bonus. I will say the story jumps right in with the dark and twisty stuff before giving much information about Kal or Elena. It took a couple chapters before I was fully clear on the relationship between them. Elena is obsessed with Kal, she threw herself at him when she turned 18 and was rejected. Kal, has recently developed an obsession now that he's been asked to watch over her, though he hasn't seen her for two years before this. The two have some serious sexual tension anytime they are in a space together. A fact that is complicated by her being engaged and him being one of her father's oldest friends.

Kal is a moody, possessive and jealous character with a lot of backstory that I assume book one will delve into more. I read this one pretty quickly because it was full of banter and tension. Elena, appears to be an interesting character, she is obviously sheltered but has a need for violence and pain. I have to say that the novella really left me wanting to know what comes next for these two. I really think this novella does a great job of making you want to know more. I am honestly sad I didn't get more in this one, but the little I did get was intense.

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