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Seven Favors

Rating: 5 Stars

"I'm not weak, never have been, and I'm not going to shrivel under his control."

Blake, a financially successful female CEO, has an embarrassing run-in with a male competitor. To save her multi-billion dollar company, she enters into a contract seeking his cooperation and silence. However, the contract turns into more than she bargained for. Her moral compass is put through the wringer, and she finds strength along the way, fueled by her foe. What lengths will she go to save her company and herself?

Okay this book started off with a bang and did not stop. I adored this book. Blake is a successful billionaire which I have to say was a refreshing change to the MMC always being the wealthy one, who swoops and woos the FMC. Blake is by no means perfect, but she owns it and I think that made her even more likable. Callon is presented as someone trying to ruin her reputation and they enter into a contract for seven favors from Blake. Favors that I have to say I did not see coming, like at all. And the whole time the two of them are fighting the attraction they feel to each other. They have amazing banter and so much tension!!!

I liked that we got to watch Blake grow as a person, she really came into her own, and learned to stand on her own two feet. I adored the plot twists in this book because I swear I never saw them coming. More than anything I love that a couple of times this book messed with my emotions and made me feel. I may have almost tossed it across the room once! I have to say that it felt like JJ put her heart and soul into this book. It was a whole experience and so amazing. If you haven't read it yet, you really need to. Oh and I want another book!!!!

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