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Second Star to the Right (A Neverland Novel, 2)

Rating: 3 out of 5

"Love is a powerful magic in itself. It heals as much as it hurts."

Neverland was a dream and a nightmare. A place I wished on every star to exist, but counted down the days until I could leave. I should be happy Peter brought me home. He gave me back the life that was stolen and set me up for success. And yet, I'm ruining everything. Chasing a high I can never find to see ghosts. When I was there, all I wanted was to leave. Now that I'm gone, I'd give up everything just to go back.

I really enjoyed the first book in the series and was looking forward to the second installment. The book felt more like a novella than anything honestly. It seemed like a filler story that was going to explain some major plot point in the next novel. I struggled with this one because it wasn't set in Neverland... Peter was kind of pretentious.... and the Shadow became a whole person with a story... one that wasn't even really hinted at much before. The story is mostly from Wednesday's perspective and honestly, she wasn't likable the entire time. She was whiny and clingy.

I loved the first book and consumed it and died with the cliffhanger ending... this one the only saving grace for me was seeing a different side of Peter, through the Shadow, who honestly I like more. I would have enjoyed more of the story from his point of view to be honest. It would have been interesting to see what he was thinking. The book has some spice for sure. I'll admit that the last chapter was a hook that will keep me reading the series... I mean if nothing else it brought up some interesting questions and problems. So I am eagerly anticipating the third installment despite my reservations about this one.

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