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Scarlet Angel (Mindf*ck Series, 3)

Rating: 4 Stars

"To defeat a monster, you have to be twice as monstrous. To love a monster you have to share your soul."
"I'm the thing the monsters in the dark fear."

To kill a monster, you have to be twice as monstrous. To love a monster, you have to share your soul... Logan Bennett makes me want to have a future not tainted by the constant hunger for revenge. Doesn't mean I can stop. Doesn't mean I want to stop. It just means I want more... one day. But how do you make a good man love the monster inside you without stripping his soul away as well? He is all the best parts of me right now, resurrecting bits of my heart I forgot could even exist. He makes me feel something other than cold. He also thinks I'm weak and fragile. Something I laugh about to myself, while secretly soaking in all his protectiveness and concern. If anyone touches him, harms him, or even threatens him, then they should probably run. Because his girlfriend is a little bit crazy. They just don't know it yet.

This one picks up with The Boogeyman, one of the many serial killers that Logan is currently searching for, and one that has been taunting him for some time. And boy does it get tense and crazy for a minute! Lana's secret isn't as much a secret as she used to think. But can she trust that it will stay quiet? Can I just say the tension in this book once again does not disappoint. I have spent 3 books on the edge of my seat just waiting for Lana to get discovered before she can carry out her act of revenge.

This book gives us more background about the town Lana was from and some of the events that happened 10 years ago and how it's connected to Lana. We learn a little more about what happened to Lana that night and I have to say some of it can be triggering so be careful reading. Also it is emotionally devastating to read. I have to admit that I was left with a lot of questions about the kills, becuase Lana is definitely shifting tactics now that the FBI is getting closer and closer to the truth. And of course ... No answers! We get a new FBI agent introduced who has some secrets of his own. But most importantly in this one we start to learn a lot about the sheriff and the town Lana came from... and none of it is pretty. I cannot wait to see how this story unfolds. Oh and big shocker... Cliffhanger ending!

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