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Santa's Broken Toy

Rating: 4 out of 5

"I saw it. I felt it. I burned too. And I will again."
"If I went home with someone like that-someone dangerous, someone who took risks, I'd be the one to lose."

Mary has had enough. Enough of the comments, the looks, the eggnog. Enough of the pity she knows she will see on everyone's faces over the loss of her husband two years ago. This Christmas, Mary is getting away from all of that. For two weeks her only company will be a pile of smutty romance books and her rechargable friends in a quiet log cabin. When an unexpected snowstorm closes down the roads, a handsome biker shows up at her door, sparking feelings that would definitely land her on the naughty list.

This book is described as being about loss, lust and finding healing in unexpected places. I was pleasantly surprised when reading this book, it was smutty for sure, but it was also a book about grief and healing. I think the author does a marvelous job of displaying the emotions involved with grief and healing and that shouldn't get lost beneath the smutty story that also happens. All of that being said, I was immediately sucked into this book. The author has a great writing style and I loved the main character, she was very much a no nonsense kind of woman.

The book delivers on the steamy and sexy pretty early on and keeps delivering. I enjoyed that the book had a story and plot in addition to the Christmas Santa themed smut. It had some moments I didn't see coming that added some real humor to the situation. I loved how self-aware Mary was and how she was willing for this to just be a weekend thing, she didn't go into expecting something long term and realized that most of what she felt was pure lust. All of this being said, and I loved this book don't get me wrong, I hated the ending. It just didn't feel like the right kind of ending for me. But if you are looking for a quick, holiday, spicy read... this should be at the top of your list.

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