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Rejected By My Alpha Mate

Rating: 3 out of 5


But I've learned that hope isn't for people like me, and neither are dreams.

So let me start by saying that this book gave me some major True Blood vibes at points. Seline is a part warlock part wolf shifter. Her childhood was not the greatest and she isn't connected to her wolf side. Seline has some serious powers that she isn't afraid to use when needed.

She is drowning in debts that her estranged mother has accumulated and has no love life to speak of. Everything looks like it might change for her when she meets Austin, the Alpha of the new wolf shifter pack that moved into town, because as it turns out the two are fated mates! However, Austin rejects her rather quickly upon learning of the bond (and that she isn't a full wolf!). The situation becomes incredibly tense as the two are forced to face each other daily even with the rejection. Seline bravely informs Austin, “I have survived my whole life without you, and I’ll continue to do so now," but it quickly becomes apparent that the rejection is having adverse impacts on her health.

Despite all this the "Other" community in the town is growing with an influx of warlocks, one who becomes fast friends with Seline, and a second wolf pack whose Alpha, Loyd, shows interest in Seline. With every encounter the tension between Seline and Austin grows. He constantly reminds her that he doesn't find her a worthy mate and she has no problem throwing his own words back at him. Yet, Austin's actions don't always match his words and Seline becomes more and more confused. The more space she tries to put between herself and Austin, the more enmeshed she becomes with members of his pack. When Seline finds herself accused of the murder of a member of Austin's pack everything begins to change. Seline begins to accept the truth about herself and works to gain some power back over her life. She must also confront the reality that maybe, just maybe, Austin had other reasons for rejecting their bond. But is it now too late? Can she move past the hurtful things that Austin has said and done?

The book starts off pretty slow and gives a lot of True Blood vibes. I have to admit I almost put the book down, but then out of nowhere I found myself drawn into the story and finishing the book in one day! Obviously as you can imagine the book is full of some Alpha male figures. The book has some obvious plot points that the reader can see coming pretty quickly. The enemies to lovers trope is a pretty obvious plot point. The stereotypical lead male rescuing the lead female trope plays out. When the main character goes from this powerful person to a woe is me character, you almost want to throw the book down but, Seline's awareness of her faults is a redeeming factor. I would recommend giving this one a chance.

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