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Pulse: A Dark Paranormal Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5

"Jesus, you are annoying. Yes. You smell like lavender and sunlight. It's fucking intoxicating and, quite frankly, difficult to resist."
"I also feel like the minute I see any man look at you the way I am now, it will make me want to rip out their jugular."

Eve is twenty-five years old and living in Los Angeles. Her life is okay: she has a great job, more or less. Eve even has three amazing friends. She spends her free time reading and keeping to herself. Until one night when her life spirals out of control... Eve is attacked by a creature with two inch long incisors. She is saved by a handsome, ocean blue eyed man; who also has fangs. Her rescuer is named Will, a vampire and one who seems eager to help her. Eve quickly learns the underworld is very real and she is being hunted by one of the most ruthless vampire covens.

This book was great. I mean it had vampires, werewolves, demons and angels. The "good" vampires working for Lux who were responsible for keeping those who had pledged allegiance to Lucifer, the Fallen, in line. Vampires use werewolves to maintain security during the daylight hours. It was all great and elaborate and the author did an amazing job of building the world by integrating it into the development of the story. It wasn't a huge chunk of world building and then story, which I was incredibly thankful for. Oh and of course you can't forget the romance, with a slight love triangle vibe.

Eve it turns out may be more than she appears given the Fallen are stalking her, which is not normal behavior for them. Will offers her his support and moves her into the Lux compound in an attempt to keep her safe. I loved the dynamic between Will and Eve, it was the perfect amount of hate turned love haha. The book had a slight amount of steam, I would have liked more from a vampire romance, but honestly I didn't mind because the story was so great and involved. The story was different and had a few twists that I suspected but didn't really know were coming for sure.

I will say for Eve's friends to have been so important to her, they played a minimal role in the story and she was quick to forget about them. I realize that it was necessary but I would have liked more since they were her family. I also would have liked a bit more spice in the romance, but again this is easily forgiven because the story was really good. It does end on a semi cliffhanger which drives me crazy!! Overall, it was a quick and engaging read and I look forward to the next book.

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