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Poppy's Christmas Wishes

Rating 3 out of 5

For the first time she can remember Poppy is dreading Christmas. Unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend after moving across the country for him. There isn't much cheer for Poppy this season. That is until her friend, Layla, drags her to an office Christmas party. At this party Poppy meets Gabe, an actor who is playing a genie in a current play. When Gabe asks her what three wishes she would make Poppy realize it's quite simple: love, a job she's happy in, and just once in her life, to do something extraordinary. Gabe and Poppy make a pact to help each other make their dreams come true. As they tick off wishes their friendship blossoms... but, as they soon learn, sometimes what you want for Christmas isn't necessarily what you need.

This was a cute and perfect holiday read! It gave off the Hallmark Christmas movie vibe for sure. Poppy moves for her boyfriend, who then dumps her, leaving her in a new town all alone. She quickly makes some amazing friends who throughout the course of a year help Poppy to recover from her broken heart. The book has some funny moments for sure, like when Poppy spends half her friendship with Gabe convinced he is gay! A misunderstanding that is clarified with a good bit of humor.

Poppy is very hung up on her ex, like to the point she wishes he would fall back in love with her, even though he is a terrible human! Instantly, you can see the way the novel is going to unfold... but it's okay because it is written well and with a few surprises you don't actually see coming along the way! I loved that about this book. Mostly, I loved that I didn't even care if Poppy and Gabe got together as long as they stayed friends. This book is an amazing testament to true friendship and friends helping each other to achieve their dreams. The romance is just an added bonus. So cozy up with this book this holiday season!

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