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Not My Type

Rating 3 out of 5

"Look, all I'm saying is, sometimes, you can spend years with someone and not fall in love. And sometimes, you meet someone you have an instant connection with and fall in love within days, weeks, or months."

Daniel wasn't the man Eve thought he was. She thought he was just a stranger but turns out, he's her best friend's brother. Eve thought he was just a regular guy but Daniel was an obsessively controlled, thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie. Daniel should be placed firmly in the category of men Eve didn't find attractive. Yet, she can't stop thinking about him. Even though she knows nothing good could come of it. He was a brilliant and successful doctor and she was on the verge of a crisis with her business. Nothing that happened between them was intentional. Especially not them kissing under the stars. A single kiss was all it could ever be... at least that's what Eve told herself until it happened again.

Not My Type is a slow burn, best friend's brother, opposites attract type of romance with a touch of comedy thrown in. Eve is a successful baker, who is currently dealing with some issues surrounding her ability to create innovative treats, when she literally runs into Daniel, a mysterious stranger, in the Target. After he spills coffee all over her favorite dress and ten minutes later encounters her sprawled across the mac and cheese display with her cupcake underwear in full view... Eve hopes she never sees this man again.

As you can imagine the two keep meeting in the most unlikely of circumstances and it is one of these times that Eve learns he is her best friends brother... and totally off-limits. Eve and Daniel keep meeting and it isn't long before they both declare aloud that they aren't each others type.... So why can't they stop thinking about each other. If you want a bunch of laughs with the most insane meet ups possible, followed by a sweet romance, which can only be shook up by an encounter that gives off vibes of that time Meredith Grey met Addison Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy, check out this cute rom com.

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