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Moments Like This

Rating 4 out of 5

Things happen when you least expect them to. Life never moves in a straight line. If it did, we would never have met.

Most importantly, I’d come to Hawaii to find myself. Not to have someone find me.

So if you enjoy a nice clean romance, Hawaii, or Hallmark Christmas movies then check out this book for real. The book is divided into three parts with two being from the perspective of the main female character Andie and one from the point of view of Warren the love interest. The story starts out around Christmas time and instantly gave me Hallmark movie vibes.

Basically Andie is a very successful business woman who has just been passed up for an important promotion and due to some job related stressors has decided to go on leave for a few months to rest. Lucky for her, Api, her best friend has a coffee shop in Hawaii that she needs someone to run for a few months. So Andie heads off to Hawaii where she quickly realizes that she could help Api by making the coffee shop and the coffee plantation more profitable and well known.

Andie puts all her time and effort into accomplishing this task for her friend and in the process she meets Warren. Neither one of them shares much about their backgrounds, but Warren has a secret that could destroy everything that Andie has worked for. When she discovers the truth will she be able to put it aside and continue the relationship that they have gradually developed?

I loved this book because it was a cute story. Andie was a strong business woman who wanted to find herself. She really went to Hawaii with the intention of working on herself and I think the authors demonstrate her character development perfectly. She was very aware of herself and maintaining her personal growth while still being open to the potential relationship that was blossoming with Warren. Naturally because it reads like a Hallmark movie some of the plot was predictable but I can never be mad at a cute Hallmark movie. So I for sure wasn't mad at this beautiful book.

I really recommend you give this one a shot it is a quick read and the characters are well rounded and developed. Not to mention the authors provide imagery of Hawaii that almost makes you feel like you are there. They do a great job of highlighting this magical element of Hawaii that has the ability to heal a person.

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