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Mercy (Forbidden Desires of PCH)

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Rating: 6 out of 5

This book right here has me feeling all types of ways. Chelle Rose had me with her dedication. I thought I was signing up for a nice simple smut read and boy did she take me for a ride. I got my smut for sure but I got SO MUCH MORE. This book had it all honestly. It had smut, well developed characters, a crazy storyline and most importantly it was impossible to put down. This one is definitely an 18+ read with some trigger warnings.

Mercy is a 23 year old who has had a crush on her best friend's dad, Liam, since she was 16. Mercy is starting a job as a social worker in the hospital where he works and has developed a plan to make him want to sleep with her. The stars align and her best friend, Nash, has a pool party and it isn't long before Mercy enacts her plan. Of course Liam, is very much the male who has decided he will never fall in love and only has one night stands. However, he is unable to resist Mercy and the two soon embark on a relationship that had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

Told with a dual POV the novel starts out very heavy on the smut but soon becomes so much more with the introduction of Ivy. It is here that each character begins to show other sides to their personality. Chelle's characters are well rounded and easy to relate to. She writes this story so well that my major complaint is that I couldn't put it down. I NEEDED to know what was happening next. And boy does she give it to you: cancer, kidnapping, suspense and oh yeah you guessed it A MINDBLOWING cliffhanger. So don't mind me while I go cry because I now have to wait to find out what happens with Liam and Mercy... Go get your copy now. You won't regret it.

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