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Kissing Games (The Kinloch Series)

Rating 5 out of 5

Valentina, a Columbian actress, arrives in Scotland to film a small role in Braveheart 2. She has worked her entire career to provide a better life for her family, but she feels like she is at her breaking point, realizing that she has never just lived. Enter Charlie, the bodyguard to various rich people, who is estranged from his family and has done more than enough living as he sees it. He heads to the Scottish Highlands to help a friend kept control on movie starts coming to the Kinloch castle, but he just might get more than he bargained for. Falling for a movie star wasn't in his plans. Thrown together by circumstance Charlie and Valentina aren't able to deny their chemistry for long. The real question is: will what they have become more than a brief fling?

Okay so I loved this book like a lot. I made myself stop reading at various points so that I could drag it out because I did not know how much I needed this book in my life at the moment. It was a great break after reading so many thrillers. Evie Alexander does an amazing job of creating well rounded characters with relatable stories. Perhaps best of all though she seems to have mastered the art of comedic situations. Because this book is full of them. Not to mention she made Charlie a heavily tattooed bada**. The dragon tattoo (if you know you know) made for the perfect element in this story. It centers around quite a few sexy and funny moments.

I loved that we got both characters POV, though it felt like we got more of Charlie's, which I was totally fine with. I cannot tell you how many times while reading this I said "poor Charlie" because the beginning of the novel really does him dirty. Things start to look up for him when he has the adorable little meet cute with what turns out to be our main female character, well that is until the end of their conversation! She seems stunned he wouldn't know who she is. Charlie is able to semi redeem himself when he comes up with the jar of ideas to help her live, though wild monkey sex on half the cards was probably overkill haha.

Seriously if you want a book that is hard to put down, super cute, and full of all kinds of drama and humor then you need to check this one out because it checks all those boxes and then some. Even better there are more books revolving around Kinloch. Do yourself a favor and give this one a shot.

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