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It Could Happen

Rating 4 out of 5

“It’s amazing how quickly life can change when you least expect it.”

Tori Hayes does not like change and that’s fine because she is content with her single status and fulfilling sales career. Tori makes an exception and steps out of her comfort zone to be a part of her college best friend’s wedding party. But it is nothing like she thought it would be. She is suddenly thrown into the type of drama that only a Southern belle bride and her friends can create. The secrets, lies and deception are more than Tori can take. And as if that wasn’t enough the groomsman, Tyler, appears to know how to push all her buttons. And if there's one thing Tori knows… she doesn’t like her buttons pushed… or does she? Tori can’t understand why she keeps finding herself in the middle of all this madness when all she wants to do is support Caroline and give her the perfect day. Will there be a happy ending amid all this chaos?

I am in love with romantic comedies! I really loved this book because it was an amazing concept. I loved the idea of friends that haven't been super close and all of a sudden she is invited into this friendship group that is well established to be a part of the wedding. The whole wedding was a complete cluster! I mean the drama between these people was hilarious. We have Leslie who is so obsessed with Tyler that she is instantly against Tori. The drama that unfolds and the secrets that exist in this group really create some intense situations. One of the bridesmaids has a huge secret that could ruin the entire group!

I liked that Tori wasn't looking for any relationship and it just kind of happened. I don't know that I agree with it being an enemies to lovers trope for me. It seemed more like two strangers becoming friends. I think it was a cute story and had some laugh worthy moments but I would have appreciated a bit more romance I think, or a stronger enemies narrative. I think Leslie and Tori were more enemies than Tyler and Tori. It was very much a slow burn romance narrative. For me the best part of this narrative was the moments that reminded me of the movie Bridesmaids. I really did enjoy this one because it was well written and fast paced and all the circumstances were incredibly funny.

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