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Horrorstör: A Novel

Rating 6 out 5

"For All Men Must Work, And All Women Must Weep, As Labor Sows, So Shall Time Reap."

Something strange is happening at the Orsk furniture store in Cleveland. Every morning employees come to work and discover broken bookshelves, shattered water goblets, and smashed wardrobes. The stores sales are down and store cameras don't show anyone responsible for the damage. Three employees volunteer, for their own reasons, to work dusk til dawn. They investigate strange sights and sounds, soon coming face to face with horrors that defy the imagination. Will they make it out of the store alive?

So I decided to read this one to take a break from indie authors and advanced reader copies and it DID NOT disappoint. I bought this book for 2 reasons: 1. I had seen it all over the place. 2. The entire thing was formatted like an Ikea catalog. I would say this book is a must read simply because of the effort that went into making it mimic the catalog. It is something that you must experience for sure.

The book starts off with a bang and works at building the suspense with those tiny jump scare moments so popular in horror films. The characters are well developed and Amy is easily a relatable character. Hendrix teases the reader with just enough creep factor until the overnight shift starts and then he really lets you have it. You get the normal fake out scares and then the real scare just when you think it isn't going to happen.

The book develops the horror just like you would imagine it playing out in one of those predictable horror films, with a creepy backstory about the building. The ghosts in this book are no joke and the head ghost causing all the trouble is actually someone I never want to encounter! If you haven't read this book yet and love a good horror movie, especially the too ridiculous to actually be scary kind, you have to read this book. Its just that simple. I will just continue sitting here waiting for them to make it into a movie.

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