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Heart Like a Truck

Rating 3 out of 5

All of Willa's dreams went up in smoke after her accident which left her unable to compete anymore. Content with her life in the aftermath she spends her time working her parent's ranch or with her friends. A drunken night out leads her to meet a man who makes her body come alive in ways she didn't know were possible. But he keeps his last name a secret; wanting to build a relationship between them before he confesses who he truly is. Will the truth break the only good thing in her life? Noah is tormented by PTSD from his time in service, which makes it difficult for him to connect with anyone. Now the CEO of an oil company his days are also spent working or with his brothers; that is until a fiery redhead stumbles into his life.

So this is my second book by this author and I have to say it was more enjoyable than the first. It still suffered from some grammar and spelling that messed up the flow of the story on occasion. I decided to set the other book aside and give this one a chance. I will admit that for the most part it was hard to see how this was the same author as the other book. I think this story was much better though the plot got weird and unnecessary in points. I mostly took issue with some of the plot points towards the end. Both main characters in this book have some serious trauma that needs to be worked through; and I don't feel like the book did a good job of showing that happen. It felt more like the author was working the broken woman needs to be saved by man angle again and that irks me.

All that aside I read the book in one sitting. The characters felt dynamic and realistic. You could find relatable aspects in each one of them. I think the intimacy between them was a little much at first, but the author toned it down and did a good job of creating sexual tension between them. Interestingly most of their interactions were through text and phone calls. Granted all of this happens over like a week or two. It got a little strange towards the end with the childhood revelations and I didn't enjoy a few scenes towards the end. However, I think the author told a good story that was intriguing and honestly had characters that made me want to know their story. This book was definitely one of those that paid off for giving the author a second chance.

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