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Rating 4 out of 5

When bodies start piling up connected to the Catholic churches around the city detective Maggie Flynn is investigating the murders when she a signature from another case hits a little close to home. She is reminded of a killer her father investigated over a decade ago. Could it be the same killer? Or is it just a copycat? The killer is highly methodical. Maggie must survive squad politics if she wants anyone to listen to her opinions. It seems possible that the two killers are on the loose and one might be one of their own. Solving this case will take unearthing secrets that many would prefer to stay buried.

I was in for this book simply because it was a serial killer mystery. The book did not disappoint. It started out with a murder after all. The book lost me a few times when it was focused on the cop perspective of things, but instantly drew me back in with the perspective of the killer. It was a nice balance between the two in the narrative. One thing that absolutely drove me crazy but kept me wanting to read was the minimal amount of information that the author would give. The intentional vagueness is great for building the story, but not for my sanity haha.

I quickly pieced together the big reveal, but the author wrote in such a way that I often questioned if I was actually correct in what I assumed. So I have to say when the reveal came I was glad for it because I wanted so badly to have been right! Even though the author was driving me crazy by only giving me a little bit of information and then making me question myself I loved this book. If you are a fan of mysteries this one was really good. The author's writing style is superb and has the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat and needing to know what comes next.

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