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Finding Mercy (Forbidden Desires of PCH)

Rating 6 out of 5! (I will die on this hill)

Author Listed TW: dominant alpha male, daddy, praise, steamy, kidnapping (not between main characters), rape (not between main characters)

Mercy is everything good in my life. Without her it's all just gray, none of it matters.

And now we have the second book in Chelle Rose's Forbidden Desires of PCH and much like Mercy it does not disappoint. This book was a super quick read. In fact, my biggest complaint is that it wasn't longer. I finished this one way faster than Mercy, and that was a quick read! Finding Mercy picks the narrative back up right where it ended. Liam is doing everything he can to find Mercy, even making a deal with her father (the dirty cop). However, once Liam finds Mercy she ends the relationship. Why would she end the good thing she has with Liam? Will they be able to heal from the trauma caused by Nash?

Of course Liam and Mercy are meant to be, the two just work well together. Have no fear Chelle Rose doesn't leave us hanging for long. She provides us with the perfect amount of story and the perfect amount of spice! Liam and Mercy grapple with some pretty big life issues in this novel; many of the situations being the type that test their bond. Liam and Mercy both find themselves tested as individuals and as a couple and each comes away from the trials they face a little bit stronger.

Basically Chelle Rose has done it again with this one in providing a great story that you don't want to put down. One that is so immersive you don't even realize you have almost finished it until it's too late! Perhaps the best thing about this one is she doesn't leave us with an insane cliffhanger this time! Thankfully!

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