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Endymion College: A Lesson in Love and Death

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Rating: 3/5

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We are introduced to our main character Anna who has been given a chance of a lifetime at a prestigious school through a scholarship. Anna is going to be studying literature at Endymion College, and as luck would have it she soon discovers her crush is her Lit professor. However, it is the haunting of her room which causes her to develop a closer bond with him and her roommate Candi. Anna soon uncovers the two have a connection that she doesn't understand and tries to distance herself from Eve so as not to offend Candi. The realities of the forbidden romance, the ghost and the perceived tensions with Candi cause her to question if she should remain at the college. Time reveals that Anna has formed many misunderstandings about Eve and Candi and the three must work together to rid themselves of the entity that is haunting them. With each new revelation new questions are uncovered and an element of mystery surrounds every aspect of Anna's time at the school.

Lockwood's novel is very from most novels that I have read. It is full of pop culture references and overwhelmingly literary in evaluations of classic novels. A fact that makes sense with a Lit

student main character, but often seemed to be a plot separate from the main narrative. Lockwood does an amazing job of creating a dark Gothic vibe for this novel. It has a creep factor for sure. The moments where our ghost/demon characters appear are terrifyingly creepily well written and one can almost see the events taking place. I was slightly let down that a novel that appeared to exude girl power so quickly had the FMC become the stereotypical girl bitter about the situation with the romantic interest.

Anna quickly seems to become more preoccupied with Eve and his actions then she is with the fact that she is being haunted. The novel at times feels like two separate stories we have the romance story and the creepy haunting story. Once the novel commits to the ghost/demon theme it really takes off and becomes a super quick read. By the end the reader is left with a ton of unanswered questions about the main characters and their situation. It definitely makes you want to read Book Two. If you are searching for a story to get you into the mood for the spooky season, but that still has a romantic element, you should read this novel for sure.

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