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Embrace of Shadows

Rating 4 out of 5

She is not mine to reclaim. She is simply mine.

The first in the series this book was quite the page turner once it got started. Embrace of Shadows is a slow burn fae romance. The book gives off some major Beauty and the Beast vibes, while also utilizing Egyptian mythology! The book jumps right in with the main female character fleeing from someone, who? She can't remember! Nor can she remember who she is. She only knows her name is Salma because she hears a voice inside her head urging her to run.

Salma is quickly rescued by Lord Adom the fae lord of the Dusk and Master of the House of Orphydice. He has come to gather Salma and bring her back into his household, although he also seems a little confused about her role in his home. From the beginning it is clear that some type of tension exists between the two. Will Adom be able to help Salma recover her memory?

I was all for this book because of the vibes it gave off. I will admit it started off a little slow and I was slightly confused as to what was taking place, but it quickly picked up pace. Once I accepted that the novel was gonna give me more questions than it did answers I was enchanted by the story. Drew does a fabulous job of keeping an element of mystery in this novel answering just enough to carry along the story but still leave you ready to read the second book!

Salma and Adom's tension is intense and Drew has a habit of dangling a carrot in front of you right before she snatches it back where these two are concerned. It does help to drive along the narrative though so I can't complain. The biggest issue I have with this book is the intense cliffhanger that Drew ends on. She leaves so much open that I did crave a little closure which is the only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars. So if you need a fae romance in your life go read this one.

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