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Cursed Memory: Part 1 (Cursed Bloodline)

Rating: 3 Stars

I remember the club. The pounding of the beat pulsing in my veins. The way my body moved with the music. Then- Nothing. My memories are locked away in the dark corners of my mind, replaced by an insatiable hunger nothing can fill. Until I found him. I felt his presence before before I saw him. My blood calls for this mysterious man whose darkness matches my own. Being near him sets my body on fire, making me ache for every touch... Every taste. It's as if my soul recognizes him, loosening my trapped memories. Each time a new one breaks free, I wonder if he holds the key to what I've lost, what I can't remember. But everything comes with a price. I'm beginning to fear the cost of remembering all that I've done might be more than I can bear. What if the monster of this story... is me?

So this is a super quick read and is set up so that you aren't fully clear on things until I assume you read part 2. I was kind of confused about what was happening to be honest. Stella is haunted by the voice of a vampire, Will, who is luring her to him, while also warning her away from him. It was a little hard for me to follow because it seems like the concept should be expanded into a full length story and not a short novella. I think it would have been better if some of the chapters had focused on the curse portion of things instead of Stella going to clubs with friends.

Honestly the book's ending was intriguing and ended on a cliffhanger leaving me with a lot of questions. I just felt like the story would have benefited from being a full length story rather than a novella with the style the author adopted of telling the story. I really enjoyed the premise and idea of a curse and wish that had been explained in more detail.

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