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Clara’s Secret Garden

“The way I see it, I’m fairly average as human beings go - and by the law of averages, an average person is always going to meet another average person eventually.”

When her grandma becomes sick and is hospitalized Clara works to fix her garden for when she returns. In the process she unexpectedly connects with an old crush, Rory. Having Rory in her life feels like a dream come true until a devestating revelation, one which has the power to bring all her dreams crashing down around her.

Clara has had a crush on Rory since she was a teenager basically, but she has never told him how she feels. The two work on her grandma's garden and their friendship seems to grow, and Clara finds herself more enraptured by Rory. She doesn't confess how she feels and seems to read into situations what she wants to see. It's only a matter of time before their friendship is tested.

The family in this book has a lot of things going on that were hard to follow. It took me a decent amount of time to realize that they were a super blended family and the relationships of everyone. While I didn't agree with Clara's mooning over Rory, I thought her dedication to her younger brother was admirable.

You could tell that this book was setting up for more to come though so I look forward to seeing what happens with Clara in the next one because this one just felt a bit incomplete for me. It's a quick read with interesting characters but I just felt like I wanted a tad bit more from it. At times it almost reminded me of Bridget Jones , with her being in love with one man but having a new potential love interest involved.

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