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Christmas in Bellbird Bay

Rating 3 out of 5

Libby never dreamed that she'd be moving into the dream house she and her husband had purchased for their retirement as a widow. Intent on making a new life for herself in the quiet coastal town, Libby's life is upended by an unexpected call from her daughter. Adam's unhappy childhood and broken home left him scarred. Content with the life he has built for himself as a journalist and author of political thrillers, Adam arrives in Bellbird Bay to fulfill the deathbed request of an old friend. When Libby and Adam meet there is an attraction. But Libby is grieving for her late husband and trying to help her daughter sort out her life. Adam has no intention of forming a relationship, wary of commitment because of his past. Will the peace and tranquility of Bellbird Bay help these two move on from old hurts and make this a Christmas to remember?

This book is an examination of friendship, family and getting a second chance at love. Libby, now in her 50's, is still adjusting to life without her husband. She has created a life for herself and is happy with her routines. Yet, her new life is quickly upended when Emma, her daughter, calls to tell her she has been left by her husband and now needs to come stay with her. Emma and her daughter quickly interfere with the routine she has created for herself. A life which is further uprooted when she meets her husband's favorite author. The two quickly develop a friendship that blossoms into more. The two have to handle a lot of issues thrown their way before any resolution is made in the relationship.

I think this book was well written but it was a bit of a disconnect for me. I struggled to connect to the characters and I think that this is really one that an older audience would enjoy. I also felt that some of the characters were a little static and didn't have much development in the story. A couple of plot points seemed to be thrown in and not really resolved in any manner. I think that the story would be more interesting to an older audience for sure. It just wasn't my cup of tea so to speak. I also wish it had been a bit more Christmas.

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