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Caught in a Storm

Rating: 2 out of 5

"I was fine before he was pushed into my life, and I need to make sure I am fine when he is gone."

Watch Hill is a small sea town that only a few know about, celebrities love to escape to it and its full of townspeople that protect their own. Years after her mother's death, Emelia is still trying to come to terms with the loss. She recently has made peace with the fact she will always be alone, with no one to love her. Because everyone she loves... leaves. Emelia goes about her days as a librarian and event planner. Summer is about to kick off and a new European celebrity is in town. A race car driver who finds himself immediately infatuated with Emelia. He is convinced fate has brought them together. Emelia, however, is not looking for a summer love... especially with the playboy Lucas Stratton.

Okay so this book was a difficult read. It was hard to understand and follow most of the time. Emelia is struggling with the grief of losing her mother on top of some other grief and doesn't really appear to have any coping skills whatsoever to handle this. The introduction of both characters and most of their presented personality throughout the book was hard to like. I struggled with the writing because it was full of typos and just sentences that didn't make sense. I have never heard a human talk the way that these characters talked. I honestly struggled to finish this book, if I wasn't determined to finish off the month with a completed book I don't think I would have read this one.

The connection between both characters felt forced and honestly didn't make much sense. We just jump to romantic feelings without any build up or tension and it was not done well in my opinion. Like at one point his solution to waking her up from a nightmare is to make a move on her... excuse me??!! I think that the book could have had potential if it had been edited or even read by outsiders before being published. I think one of my biggest issues with this book was that she kept calling herself broken and he was saying how he wanted to fix her... it gave me the ick. Even more so was the annoyance that he wanted to be with her but also keep her secret. It felt like things just drug on for most of the book and then we sped through some plot at the end. It also ends on a cliffhanger, sort of, but I have no desire to read that one.

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