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Brave Women at Work: Stories of Resilience

Rating 3 out of 5

When women rise, the world is a better place.
The strength and resilience of women is real. The willingness, capability, and eagerness to strive, to be successful, to find joy, drive women to overcome incredible challenges.

The goal of this book was to demonstrate that women, specifically those with careers, are resilient, inspirational and powerful leaders. In order to demonstrate this the book is a collection of stories written by women from diverse backgrounds. The main author of this book holds the impression that women face more challenges than men in career settings and thus the goal of these stories is to highlight ways that women can adapt to these changes and demonstrate resilience.

Each woman is introduced with a quick summary before sharing her story. Each story is told by a different type of woman in what I imagine is an attempt to illustrate various ways for women to be resilient. A number of the stories also address the impacts that COVID had on their jobs and the choices that they made. An interesting element in these stories was the way that women often reacted to outside circumstances. Many of the stories discuss the importance of expectations versus reality. A number highlight setting aside expectations of others and choosing courage, authenticity and freedom.

I think this was well written and I loved the diversity of women who told their stories. I liked that each woman had a different life experience and path to get to where they found themselves successful leaders. This book is motivational and uplifting. One thing that was nice is that readers were encouraged to reach out to those who had shared their stories. If you enjoy a nice inspirational book then give this one a shot.

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