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Black Rose (The Dracula Duet, 2)

Rating: 3 Stars

"I have loved you and lost you and I'll do it again and again because loving you is everything. Loving you is everything!"

Is it her destiny to love him? Or is it her destiny to die? Valtu Aminoff is no stranger to tragedy. Though many know him as the enigmatic vampire that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula, Valtu's complex life is far more horrific than any fiction could imagine. When you lose the love of your life over and over again, it can do more than break your heart-it can corrupt your soul. It's up to his new lover to decide if Valtu's damaged soul is even worth saving. But destiny isn't done with Valtu yet. And tragedy is always around the corner.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I really enjoyed the first one because I thought Dahlia was an amazing character. I was not a fan of Rose and I think that impacted the enjoyment of this book for me. I also didn't enjoy the version of Valtu that existed for like 90% of the novel. I will say that this book made me want to read the other vampire books that Halle has written to learn more about the other characters because I found them so fascinating.

I enjoyed more of the witchcraft element in this one! And I really liked the major plot points, the only issue is I felt that they weren't really wrapped up in a satisfying manner. We were given so many different plot points, and one of them wasn't even really touched on except for at the start and end of the book. A lot of questions were raised that went unanswered. Yet, I think it was a good conclusion to the duet, and created a sweet love story that also looks at the impact of grief and loss and the ways that can change a person.

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