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Awaken (Curse of the Pirate Kings, Book 2)

Rating: 3 out of 5

"But every once in a while, I wished I could open up to someone, anyone, and not have to hide behind some kind of mask."

Angel has just learned that she is the granddaughter of the all powerful Sea Witch of Nyxleia. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a clue what that means regarding magic or powers. Instead Angel has been told to figure it out on her own and fulfill her destiny. As if that wasn't enough, she's now engaged to the four Pirate Kings and working to keep her feelings and lust separate to learn more about them. She has to figure out how they broke the Blood Oath that triggered the curse and determine if they are worth the hard work and pain it'll cost to save their world. Angel struggles with whether or not she wants to really leave at all, but since nobody has ever wanted her forever, why would the Pirate Kings. Yet, when the claiming arrives, part of her wants all four of them to want her for and not because of a prophecy. With her list of enemies growing by the day it's not like she has time for feelings or dreams, or wishing for the impossible.

Okay so I gave the first book 4 stars and really enjoyed the premise of the book and the potential it appeared to have. I have to admit that to an extent this one let me down just a little. The book basically picked up where the other one ended and spent some time giving us more character backgrounds for Angel and the Pirate Kings. It even did remarkably well with the spicy factor, which I think was a little bit more in this one. We get the idea that the Sea Witch and the Earth Witch might have had a hand in more than originally thought; but not a lot of detail. We learn why a few of the kings broke the Blood Oath but the stories are pretty rushed.

We get absolutely nothing more about the prophecy really. I wanted to know a little more but it just didn't happen in this one. We see a few of the Pirate Kings developing feelings for Angel and Angel developing feelings for them, which okay great! But the back and forth in their own heads about not acknowledging anything more than lust was a bit irritating. Angel was also very fragile in this book and so focused on how she has never been wanted and shouldn't expect anything different. I didn't feel like this one had much of a plot to be honest. I mean we learn about mermaids but that is about the most exciting plot point.

Again don't get me wrong the spicy scenes were great and we get a lot more from this book than the first. I just felt that other than the mermaids and the spice absolutely nothing happened in this book. It just felt like it drug out and it was all about feelings that everyone shouldn't have but does and won't acknowledge. Not to mention the abrupt ending. It felt like it just stopped in the middle of a thought. However, will I still read the next book? Yes. I want to know what happens next with all the characters and get some answers on the prophecy.

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