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Rating: 4 out of 5

Alright so this book has just about everything you could imagine: A female assassin, four hunky Pirate Kings, a Sea Witch, a prophecy, a curse and oh yeah spice. This one is for sure an 18+ read RH with spice basically as soon as the book starts. Arrival was a quick read for sure I finished it in less than a day and didn't even have to pull an all nighter to do so!

Arrival does not waste time in getting the story started by any means! It begins with our female main character, Angel, murdering another person. Turns out Angel is an assassin with morals who is full of all kinds of surprises. Yet, she's in for a surprise when she suddenly finds herself aboard a pirate ship with four Pirate Kings who claim she is important to their ability to break a curse on their world. Minerva Kayden tells the story from multiple points of view which is great because we get a real understanding of what each character is feeling and thinking. Kayden's characters are all well written and complex personalities with a backstory.

Naturally the story is heavy on the spice and like 95 percent of the book is focused on the smut but you can tell that an interesting plot is laying under it all. Kayden gives just enough information about the overall story to keep you guessing and invested in knowing what comes next. The last 5 percent of the book is when you really start to be introduced to the major plot of the story and then Kayden just drops a major cliffhanger and ends the book (literally my only complaint about this book). She introduces a huge plot point and then just leaves you with that scrap of information which clearly is going to change everything about the story.

So if you like pirates (who doesn't?), strong independent females, a lot of spice, and major cliffhangers... This should be added to your TBR pile for sure.

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