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A Holly Jolly Christmas

Rating: 3 out of 5

Holly has one thing, and one thing only to prove to her family, that she is a capable and organized adult who can host the perfect Christmas Day. The only problem: Holly is neither of those things. Disaster seems to follow Holly wherever she goes and this time, it's in the shape of the Christmas Ruiner: a smug stranger who appears at the worst of times, taking the last of everything Holly needs to impress her family. Cue her best friend Shawn; knight in shining armor and all around good guy. He's made it perfectly clear they are just friends, but the line between friends and something more is becoming blurred. Can Holly pull off the impossible to put on the perfect Christmas, and capture the man of her dreams?

This book seemed like it would be the perfect type of holiday romantic comedy that could be turned into a Hallmark Christmas movie. I mean simply the fact that the main character is named Holly Jolly just screams perfect! This book was extremely fun and the shenanigans started early and did not let up until the end of the book. I mean it's 6 days before Christmas and Holly has absolutely nothing prepared for the family Christmas she is supposed to host. The characters in this book were amazing. Holly's mom is a social media influencer who takes it to the extreme and Holly is a legit hot mess.

Nobody has faith that Holly is going to be able to pull off Christmas and I have to admit I wasn't so sure either haha. A lot of the elements in the book are predictable but every single thing was presented with the perfect level of humor. I honestly felt bad for Holly at the number of things that went wrong for her. But have no fear, her best friend helps her to pull of a "Holly Jolly Christmas." If you want a quick, fun, holiday read with a million catastrophes and set in an Australian heatwave you really should read this book. You won't regret it.

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